Mary (lost_in_my_love) wrote in tubatalk,

C tuba

Sooo...the other day I bought a C tuba thinking for some reason that it was a BB, and yet, I was wrong. And I can't exactly return it, so instead of wasting all of the money I'd like to learn how to play it. The problem is...I have no idea how to transpose it. And I don't have a fingering chart, if anyone has any point on how to read the music for a C tuba or has a fingering chart, I would so SOOO thankful!

Thank you!
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Umm... Tubas don't transpose... ever... unless maaaybe you're in Europe playing in a brass band, or you're reading trumpet music...

But I understand how it's confusing.. since Tubas are the coolest instruments ever, we're like.. the only ones who don't.

So... what kind of horn is it?
Flutes don't transpose either. I play both, so college music theory is going to kill me :(
Eh, it's not bad... but then again I haven't had to deal with it too much.

When I take over the world I'm going to outlaw transposition, and make those transposing losers use moveable C clef. It'd make sooo much more sense.
Ooooo, alright, yeah, makes sense, haha.

Uhm, it's a Maestro 4 valve silver colored horn, like it's brand new and everything, so it's really nice.

You'd think I'd know a little more since I've been playing tuba for you know, 4 1/2 years, but naaa...haha.
all you do is finger it a half step down. So a c is open a B is 2 and Bb is 1 and so on. Its simple it just take a little time.
Ohhh, alright! Thanks!
I'm kind of surprised you weren't able to notice that something was up when you played the horn (assuming you tried the horn out before purchasing, which is always recommended). When I was trying out CC tubas at the Woodwind and Brasswind a couple years ago, I could definitely tell that I wasn't playing a BBb tuba. Just the fact that when you try to play a low Bb open and it doesn't sound right threw me for a loop.

Where did you buy the horn from anyways? Any reputable store "should" allow you to return it within a certain number of days.

As far as the fingerings go, switching from B flat to CC tuba threw me for a loop for a good four or five months. A hint to learning it though is knowing that it is the same as trumpet fingerings (if you ever played trumpet). A C is open, a D is 1 and 3 (or 4). Course, the difficultly is when you actually have to read bass clef and think trumpet fingerings. To say the least, it was a bit too much for me!
Actually I had bought it off of eBay and then went out of town for a week when there was a 7 day return period. But yeah, right off I noticed the different sound.

Haha, it sounds difficult, but hopfully I'll have a lot of free time to dedicate to learning this one!
what kind of C is it? cause I have a BBb sitting around here gathering dust. I started on BBb, but my teacher switched me to C when the summer before I started college. If it looks right, wanna make a trade?
I'd definetely be interested in that. It's a Meastro 4 rotary valve tuba, a silver color. I don't have pictures right now, but I can get some if it still sounds good to you.

What about the BBb? If you're interested in a trade could I know if there's anything wrong with it, how old it is and possibly some pictures?