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Trouble with new big tuba; honor band @ UGA

Hello all.

Anyways, next month in February, I should be going to University of Georgia for honor band. They say that I'm already in, but I need to play to the judges for chair positions. There is only 4 tubas. I don't know if we all have the same part or not. So if we do have all the same part, do we still have to try out for chair positions? Just wondering, because this is my first time doing anything like this...

My band director says to practice scales and sightreading...Is there anything else I really need to practice, and what do the judges like to hear the most from scales and such?


Oh, and I'm also having breathing trouble. I just got this really new BIG tuba. It's a whole lot bigger than the last one. My band director says that the pros play that kind. But anyhow, I've been noticing that I've been having trouble with it. I put so much air in it, and I already have to take another breath. It makes me kind of irritated and breathless, like if I just did a 100 yard dash, sprinting. What should help with that? I know that breathing exercises will, but it just doesn't feel like it...Will getting into better shape also help?



P.S. I love Phantom Regiment with all my heart!!! Yae!!!

Much love ya'll, Peace!
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